SoundBunny - History

The latest release is SoundBunny 1.80
Updated : 12/13/2016 3:15:54


v1.80 - 09.21.2016
CD Burning and Sound Recording features removed.
Improved user interface.

v1.79 - 07.07.2013
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.78 - 03.17.2013
Enhanced the capacity of fault tolerance of AWB decoder.

v1.77 - 03.14.2013
Fixed a bug in decoding stereo ima adpcm wav files.

v1.76 - 02.24.2013
Added support for Raw alaw/mulaw/gsm files.
Fixed a bug when reading the parameters of raw audio files.
Fixed an issue with "Libraries" virtual folder not working.

v1.75 - 10.31.2012
Improved user interface.
Fixed "Stop" button not working in "Convert/Merge/Split" window and CD Burner.

v1.74 - 10.23.2012
Fixed a bug when reading ima adpcm wav files.

v1.73 - 08.31.2012
Improved interface and performence.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.72 - 08.12.2011
Updated codec.

v1.71 - 05.25.2011
New interface.

v1.70 - 10.08.2010
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.69 - 09.06.2010
Improved playback.

v1.68 - 07.20.2010
Improved MP2 encoding.

v1.67 - 02.05.2010
Improved exporting file list.

v1.66 - 12.21.2009
Added Support for 24bit FLAC/WAV encoding.

v1.65 - 11.04.2009
Added support for Unicode.

v1.64 - 09.27.2009
Added support for M4R.

v1.63 - 09.20.2009
Burning APE with cue.

v1.62 - 08.27.2009
Added support for M4V.

v1.61 - 08.25.2009
Improved extracting audio from video files.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.60 - 08.20.2009
Improved FLV audio decoding.

v1.59 - 08.04.2009
Improved deleting original files on conversion completed.
Some bugs are fixed, more stable than ever.

v1.58 - 07.26.2009
Improved AIFF encoding.

v1.57 - 06.25.2009
Improved volume control.

v1.56 - 06.12.2009
Faster speed.
Improved file list exporting.

v1.55 - 05.16.2009
Split audio file into tracks with cue.

v1.54 - 01.17.2009
Added Support for Raw PCM.
New Options Window.

v1.53 - 01.09.2009
Added Support for 4/6-channel audio.
Added Support for 4/6-channel AC3/ WAV encoding.
Added Support for LPCM VOB.

v1.52 - 01.05.2009
New conversion progress bar.
Added Support for 24bit/32bit High Definition Audio.
Improved FLAC decoding and encoding.

v1.51 - 12.23.2008
New Sound Recorder.

v1.50 - 12.15.2008
Improved CD ripping.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.49 - 12.06.2008
New change CD write speed.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.48 - 11.14.2008
Added Support for Creative/ MS ADPCM WAV.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.47 - 05.17.2008
Improved AC3 encoding.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.46 - 05.10.2008
Added Support for MP2 encoding.

v1.45 - 04.09.2008
Added Support for TTA, eAAC+, AAC+.

v1.44 - 04.06.2008
Added Support for VOC.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.43 - 04.02.2008
Improved AAC/M4A decoding and encoding.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.42 - 03.20.2008
Added Support for AC3 encoding.

v1.41 - 09.22.2007
Added Support for FLV.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.40 - 08.22.2007
Added Support for AIF encoding.

v1.39 - 08.21.2007
Added Support for AU encoding.

v1.38 - 12.16.2006
Added Support for MOV.

v1.37 - 12.03.2006
Added Support for 3GP.

v1.36 - 11.26.2006
Improved AMR, AWB (AMR-WB) decoding.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.35 - 02.04.2006
Added Support for ALaw WAV encoding.
Added Support for uLaw WAV.

v1.34 - 01.21.2006
Added Support for AMR, AWB (AMR-WB).

v1.33 - 12.18.2005
Improved M4A encoding.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.32 - 11.26.2005
Added Support for VYF.
Improved M4A encoding.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.31 - 02.22.2005
Added Support for AAC, M4A encoding.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.30 - 02.14.2005
Added Support for FLAC encoding.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.29 - 01.28.2005
Added Support for IMA ADPCM WAV encoding.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.28 - 01.22.2005
Added Support for G721,G726.
Added support for ALAW WAV.

v1.27 - 01.16.2005
Improved FLAC, AAC, M4A and MP4 decoding.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.26 - 01.10.2005
Improved MPC decoding.

v1.25 - 12.29.2004
Improved ID3 Tag.
Improved CD ripping and burning.
Improved APE decoding, Added Support for APE encoding.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.24 - 12.17.2004
New Audio CD Burner.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.23 - 11.23.2004
Added Support for M4A, MP4.

v1.22 - 11.15.2004
Added resampling support for WAV, OGG.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.21 - 10.31.2004
New Retain ID3 Tag.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.20 - 10.21.2004
New Audio File Splitter.

v1.19 - 10.15.2004
New Audio File Merger.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.18 - 09.26.2004
Added Support for AAC,FLAC.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.17 - 08.15.2004
Added Support for AVI.

v1.16 - 08.04.2004
Added Support for AC3,VOB.

v1.15 - 07.30.2004
Added Support for OGG encoding.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.14 - 07.21.2004
Added Support for MPC.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.13 - 07.19.2004
Added Support for APE.

v1.12 - 07.08.2004
New Find Duplicate Files.

v1.11 - 07.05.2004
New Volume Normalizing.
New Volume Control.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.10 - 06.04.2004
Added Support for AU, AIF.
New Minimize to System Tray.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.09 - 05.14.2004
Added Support for RA, RM.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.08 - 05.12.2004
Added Support for VBR MP3 encoding.
Improved format conversion, faster speed and higher quality.

v1.07 - 05.08.2004
Added support for MPG, DAT(VCD).
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.06 - 04.18.2004
Added support for IMA ADPCM WAV.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.05 - 03.29.2004
Support for multiple CD drives.
Improved format conversion, faster speed and higher quality.
New in "Audio Format Conversion": Delete original files.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.04 - 03.23.2004
New File List Export as HTML file.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.03 - 03.12.2004
Added support for CDA.

v1.02 - 03.04.2004
Added support for OGG.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.01 - 02.19.2004
Added support for WMV, ASF.
Some bugs are fixed.

v1.00 - 01.25.2004
MP1, MP2, MP3, WAV, WMA support.